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Fast Credit Limited was built up in accordance with Central Bank of Nigeria guidelines to complete the matter of financing individual, business and crisis advances just as make a stage for the venture of discount reserves through speculation notes and borrowings from individual and organizations for good returns and store security. We offer some incentive based miniaturized scale loaning to people and private companies that might not approach credit from the conventional financial framework in accordance with the monetary consideration strategy of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


Its base camp is in Lagos, Nigeria and they are as of now centered around giving quick and need situated finance-based buyer credits to qualified government employees and other finance representatives in Nigeria. FCL is into the smaller scale loaning market on the grounds that there are enormous undiscovered open doors in the market.


They offer some benefit-based loaning to this base of the pyramid that might not approach credit from the conventional financial framework in accordance with the money related incorporation arrangement of the Central Bank of Nigeria. They have business nearness in Ogun, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, and Abuja and will grow as the need emerges.


Fast Credit Limited, from beginning was 100% indigenously possessed by Nigerians and as of late pulled in venture from a worldwide supports director Synergy Capital Managers. This subsequently expanded the offer money to ₦500m and therefore conceivably makes it a ₦5b resource organization.


Fast Credit services


  • They give smaller scale credit to truly utilized Nigeria laborers on finance deductible premise.
  • They spread both private and open specialists by means of alluring items.
  • Credits are prepared and dispensed inside 6 hours of appropriately finished documentation.
  • All credits are protected with respectable guarantors in case of death or end of work of any finance representative.
  • They have an online computerized collaboration with our planned and existing clients on an all day, every day premise.
  • The use on Fintech to broaden our effort and profile.


How to Get Fast credit process


To get it visit, www.getfastcredit.com

Here, at the middle enter,

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last name
  • Name of the dealership located on the form:
  • Then, tap on the page button, ‘Go’.


Fast Credit Apply


After this you have to fill out the short application for credit

Then, you need to go through the verification completion stage.


Some common questions on getfastcredit

  • How your business can use getfastcredit

In case you’re a business and might want your forthcoming clients to use getfastcredit, you have to get in touch with them at: info@getfastcredit.com

  • Who can utilize getfastcredit.com?

Anybody that is as of now in the market for a car, and searching for a quick, secure credit screening procedure may utilize getfastcredit.com for nothing

  • The motivation behind getfastcredit.com?

Getfastcredit.com is a national asset intended to encourage car credit endorsement. Getfastcredit gives a quick, secure methods for you to present a credit application to a business of your decision. It is a free assistance, intended to give its clients the absolute best in online security and adaptability.

  • To what extent will it take?

The getfastcredit application is streamlined to constrain the measure of time you need to spend on the web. Just the contact data, standardized savings number, and date of birth fields are required. Rounding out the application takes a normal of 4-5 minutes to finish.

  • By what means will you be contacted?

You can utilize the ‘Extra Comments’ territory on the application to suggest how you are best reached/best contact times, and so on. When the application has been assessed, most vendors want to get in touch with you by telephone to set up your arrangement at the business.

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Customer help

To get further help option, you can send an email to, info@getfastcredit.com.




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